NSION is an innovator in the situational awareness, secure media, and data management market.


NSION provides situational awareness and secure communications channels with live data transmission through encrypted management platforms while using their own equipment.

NSION is an innovator in the situational awareness, secure media, and data management market. Our technology 
NSC3™ improves the efficiency of mission-critical operations by streaming and storing live video from drones, phones, cars and other sources to command-and-control room to mobile devices on the field. NSC3 technology supports any camera, any platform and is functional in any network. All of them improve radically the situational awareness needs by optimizing data security and speed in video data transfer. Even in complex, life-critical situations. NSC3™ enables intelligent data algorithms to search threats and abnormalities from video or data feeds.

Founded in 2017, NSION has a strong heritage underpinned by over 20 years of work in close collaboration with a network of leading researchers, developers, manufacturers, and vendors. NSION is building global operations with offices in the United States, Finland, Australia and more to come! 

Our Mission and Vision

NSION develops software technology for the situations when Second Is a Lifetime. In our target  industry one of the biggest challenges is to optimize data security and speed in the video data transferring in complex life critical field operations – Mission Critical Imaging. 

Modern information systems enable much better situational awareness in challenging situations than ever before. Consequently the number of data sources like video feed is growing all the time. Therefore it is the need to effectively use that information. For example, drones enable an excellent overview from a helicopter perspective. The challenge is to get that view to where it is needed. Another challenge is that different organizations need to work together, but they have their own tools and systems. For efficient operations, the same visual views can rapidly be made available for all those that join the task or a mission. 

NSION Technologies aims to be the global leader in high security technology. NSC3™ is a Realtime Resource Management for Intelligence Based Decision Making. Stream and store secured live video and data to other operators on field and to Control rooms.

Our corporate Vision is to become a Market Leader in Real-time situational awareness  platform for Mission Critical Operations. 

Our Story

The birth of NSION

The birth of NSION Technologies lies at the end of the 1990's, when our Founder, Mattipekka Kronqvist was active in the former Yugoslavia in the UN - NATO troops and National Defense Forces. This experience evidenced that there is real need to enable improved visual communication and fast good quality information sharing between different organizations in mission critical situations.

NSION was founded in Helsinki 2017 
and aimed to become a globally leading innovator in the mission critical related high security video and data management market. It means full focus is in National and Homeland Security, law enforcement, firefighting, and other public safety and commercial users. Our technologies provide these users with situational awareness, a comprehensive understanding of efficient countermeasures, and assist in preventing hazardous situations, just to name a few. These efforts are critical in building urban resiliency as they keep both citizens and those in public services safe and secure.

Our Headquarters are today in Finland and we have a Center of Excellence at Syracuse University in New York State.  

Leadership team

Tomi Virtanen

Chief Executive Officer

Mattipekka Kronqvist

Chief Strategy Officer

Juho Blankenstein

Chief Technology Officer

Jukka Raivio

Chief Operating Officer

Jani Marjamaa

Solution Manager

Kari Nurminen

Chief Commercial Officer

Maarit Lukkari


Board of directors

Tero Silvola

Margaret Loiselle

Mark Bidwell

Hannu Vaajoensuu

Petteri Viljanen

Mattipekka Kronqvist

Philip Niedermair

NSION US representatives

Brett Johnson

North America Channels Director

When a second is a lifetime