Traditional video streaming does not work ideally in mobile environments, the transmission may break from time to time, and you never know how much the video might be delayed in changing network conditions. NSION is teaming up with Vuzix to now offer a way to stream data and media feeds from multiple sources in the field, in real-time.

Joint solution summary

NSC3 integrated with Vuzix smart glasses gives customers an easy way to stream video heads-up and hands-free with real-time video transmission engine is a complete package. NSC3 situational awareness platform provides a real-time video engine which guarantees visibility to the site. View data from any number of video sources in the NSC3 platform, right in your line of sight, with Vuzix smart glasses. Combine videos from dashcams, drones, bodycams, surveillance, and mobile phone cameras to get the full picture. NSC encrypts the video feed to secure your data.

Key features

  • Mobility
  • Connected
  • Heads up, Hands-free
  • Total situational awareness
  • Ergonomic, Lightweight
  • Rugged

Joint Solution Value

NSION provides a situational awareness platform NSC3. It has been developed for mission-critical operations requiring true real-time video on the field. The system has to adapt to changing networks and work reliably in all conditions. The first customers were fire departments, police forces, and other authorities.

Vuzix is a leading supplier of smart glasses and Augmented Reality (AR) technologies and products for the consumer and enterprise markets. The company’s products include personal displays and wearable computing devices that offer a portable, high-quality viewing experience, providing solutions for mobility, wearable display, and augmented reality.

NSC3 integrated with Vuzix enables the NSION NSC3 platform to pull media streams in real-time from any number of sources and share them between team members virtually. These streams can now be displayed on Vuzix smart glasses for heads-up and hands-free situational awareness on the spot.

Vuzix Blade 2™ smart glasses used for law enforcement

Example Use Cases

Law enforcement

In law enforcement, there is never such thing as too many eyes on the ground. NSC3 integrated with Vuzix allows law enforcement personnel to install necessary cameras at an infinite number of touchpoints (on emergency vehicles, body vests, etc.) to monitor and assess a scene by streaming video from all or selected cameras to an offsite operations room. This allows for better assessment of situations in the field, in real time, and can account for better defense and planning while on the way to the site.


Military troops need total, real-time situational awareness. Having this awareness allows for the best intel, ultimately saving lives. Troops can now access surveillance footage from multiple touchpoints and/or angles, at once, without cognitive burden, all while keeping their hands free to do their job.

Building control room manager

Broadcast security camera footage over a mobile network. Easy to set up, reliable way to monitor security camera footage anywhere. Managers or security personnel can assess the situation on-site in real-time wherever they are and have more eyes in the control room, eliminating the possibility of error.