Video in bandwidth restricted networks

We monitor the network capacity and transfer the amount of data the network supports to ensure up-to-date information even in 2G/3G environments.

video in low network connections

NSC3 ™ video engine is constantly monitoring network delivery capacity. If there is not enough capacity to send all video frames, the system will start to adjust resolution or frame rate. It ensures that some video frames get through to the viewer. The image you see is always the latest taken on the scene. 

save unoploaded videos

Rest of the videos are buffered and automatically uploaded later.

full quality video in low networks

All videos will be transferred to memory in full quality whenever there is bandwidth available or after live transmission has ended. So, there is always full quality video available for after after action review.

Devices with Android OS enable user to adjust either resolution (image quality) or frame rate (how many images are sent per second) whichever is more suitable for situation.

Benefits for You

  • Video is network agnostic, not restricted to any specific network. It works well in 3G/4G networks. Even in 2G networks you can get real-time images.
  • Video is not interrupted when moving from one network type to another.
  • High quality video, audio and location data is automatically available for after action review because data is backfilled.
  • Enables distributed virtual command center. Therefore people in different locations can contribute effectively.
  • Image quality can be ensured. However, in low bandwidth networks we can adjust frame rate instead.