Use existing hardware

Use COTS (commercial off-the-shelf equipment). We support Android and IOS devices. The control room application is browser-based.

hardware independant control room

Hardware independent solution.

how to connect multiple camera sources in browser

Almost any camera source is supported.

  • Drone cameras
  • IP cameras (both RTMP(s) and RTSP protocols)
  • Mobile device cameras
  • Any cameras connected to your mobile device, like body cams, sport cameras, digital cameras, etc.
  • IoT client will stream video from cameras connected to on board computer or router in vehicle (For example, fire truck cameras or police car dash cams)
control room in chrome, edge, safari, firefox

Use control room application with your favorite browser

  • Chrome, Edge, Firefox
android and ios support for control room

Android and iOS clients for mobile devices .

stream video from vehicle cameras

IoT client for on board computers / routers to stream video from cameras mounted on vehicles.

nsc3 webapp interface on browser