Use Case: Missing person

Searching for missing persons in wilderness is challenging for many reasons, like large area to be covered, lack of visibility, hard to pass terrain and challenges in co-ordinating search teams. And there is always lack of time.  

NSC3 situational awareness system can assist search missions in multiple ways 

Create task to co-ordinate work and communication of all involved personnel. Volunteers and professionals can all use NSC3 in their own devices, no need for specialized hardware. Set marked areas for teams to search through and see every person, drone and vehicle on the map in real time in the office and on the fieldEvery mobile phone can be used as radio with push to talk feature to entire task force. 

System is easy to use so minimal training is required and everybody can use their own existing equipment.  

Use drones to cover large and hard to reach areas quickly. Set up an area for drone to search through in systematic manner. Share the drone view and location information to teams on the field to see the real time situation.  Drone devices with thermal camera features are a useful aid in finding a lost person in the middle of the forest. The NSC3 Drone application enables real-time transmission of the thermal camera view to a centralized control room. This remote monitoring capability brings more eyes to the search mission and the drone pilot could then focus more for controlling the drone device.

The NSC3 Platform is made up of these component apps: 

NSC Web App a web application that provides a dashboard view through any device that supports a web browser. This allows for the Command Center and field locations to be on the same page throughout the event. 

NSC Drone enables the video from the drone camera or cameras to be streamed live, recorded, and distributed.  Data is secured so that it can be used later for After Action Review, Training and for Evidence if needed. 

NSC Mobile enables the video from smartphones to be streamed and recorded and shared with team members. NSC Mobile™ also allows team members to see the video stream from drones and other team members phones. Other features of the mobile app are Push To Talk, a map and chat capability. 

NSC IOT™ enables integration of other devices (cameras, sensors, License Plate Readers…) into the platform. NSC IOT™ can be installed to the building video management system to remotely access video feeds.