Use case: Law enforcement

Live intelligence gathering via the NSC3 mobile app, IoT app and drone app at the scene creates a comprehensive view of the unfolding incident. 

An NSC3 ™ Law Enforcement Use Case: 

If there is a traffic stop involving several persons of interest, the responding patrol officers can provide live video, audio, and text information. Additionally, they can share location and the number of persons of interest. The officers' body-worn cameras working simultaneously with in-car dashboards and thermal cameras can provide comprehensive live situation awareness.  Certainly this is essential to the command staff and to other officers that are being dispatched to the scene.

Live intelligence gathering via the NSC3 ™ mobile app, IoT app, and drone app. If a drone has been launched at the scene, it creates a comprehensive view of the unfolding incident.

All the camera and sensor data combined with audio and text are available to your team members on the scene and remote command staff. Monitoring and controlling happen via the NSC3 Webapp ™ so that intelligence-based decisions can be rapidly shared.

NSC3 platform in use in law enforcement,  police mission control

The NSC3™ WebApp is the main body and the communications hub from which NSC3™ operates.

If one or more of the persons of interest flee the scene: 

Responders can deploy a drone with a high-definition camera system that can stream live videos of the scene to your team. There is no need for additional hardware to make this possible with the NSC3 Platform ™.

During a nighttime incident, a thermal camera can be deployed to detect the body heat of the fleeing persons of interest. It makes apprehending them possible in the darkness.

This is just one of many ways to apply the NSC3 Platform™ to aid your situational awareness and evidence gathering daily. Please contact us and let us know how we can help.

nsc3 search an rescue thermal cameras

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