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Use case: Accident response

NSC3 ™ Connects field operations personnel with command staff and medical professionals to coordinate response activities. 

Applying NSC3™ to accident response

NSC3 ™ Provides a secure way for Hospitals, First Responders and Emergency Room Staff to share live video, audio, text, and location tracking information in a scalable and user-friendly platform. The service tolerates challenging network situations. Therefore it can provide live feeds even with low 3G data reception.

NSC Webapp ™ a web application that provides a dashboard view through any device that supports a web browser. This allows the Command Center and field locations to be on the same page throughout the course of the accident. The hospital logs in to the NSC Webapp ™ and can view all of the team members mobile smartphones. Also, it enables sharing of video, photos, Push-To-Talk, or chat in a secure environment.

NSC Mobile ™ enables video streaming, recording and sharing with team members from smartphones. NSC Mobile ™ also allows team members to see the video stream from drones and different mobile phones. Other features include a map, Push-To-Talk, and chat capability.


NSC Drone ™ is providing HIPAA-compliant secured image transmission for remote patient care. Responders in the field can communicate with the hospital by NSC Mobile™ app in real-time to share information on arriving patients. The hospital can alert the correct healthcare provider as to the incoming patient's condition before they arrive. NSC Drone ™ enables the video from the drone camera or cameras to be streamed live, recorded, and secured so that it can be used later for After Action Review, Training, and for Evidence if needed.

NSC IoT ™ enables the integration of other devices, such as cameras, sensors, and license plate readers into the platform. If your fleet of vehicles is equipped with mobile routers, NSC3 ™ can add more capability to your investment.

From the moment that the accident is noticed till the last situation is solved NSC3 ™ can be in the eyes and ears of your organization when seconds count. 

emergency response nsc mobile

NSC Mobile ™ in accident response

Example cases

As an example, if there is a multiple-car accident involving injuries, the responding ambulances can provide live information. It can be video, audio, and text information, including location, the number of patients, their vital signs, and the severity of their injuries sent to the hospital via their smartphones. These will alert the doctors and staff on the number of patients arriving and the type of emergency treatment they need. NSC3 ™ gives them valuable minutes to be ready ahead of time and save lives.

Responders can also deploy a drone with a high-definition camera system that can stream live videos of the scene to your team. There is no need for additional hardware to make this possible with the NSC Platform™

Another example is when a patient arrives at an urgent care facility for further stabilization. The urgent care staff can notify the ambulance service and the hospital by sharing their information in real-time with the doctor who will continue the treatment. The NSC3 ™ command center view provides a map with the location of all team members. 

nsc3 webapp ccident monitoring and coordination tool

NSC Webapp™ as an accident monitoring and coordination tool

NSC3™ Connects field operations personnel with command staff and medical professionals to coordinate response activities.

There are several ways to deploy and host the platform and NSC3 ™ can provide a rapidly scalable subscription service.

Nursing homes, urgent care facilities, prisons, and others can also benefit from the use of the NSC3™ Service to connect with hospital services from their locations.

When a second is a lifetime