Sensitive data security

Ensure end-to-end data security with AES256-GCM and TLS 1.3. Data is easily accessible for task members with full chain of custody.

nsc3 data security

Full end to end data on the move security.

certified connections in nsc3 system

Only certified connections allowed to communicate in system.

  • Drone cameras
  • IP cameras (both RTMP(s) and RTSP protocols)
  • Mobile device cameras
  • Any cameras connected to your mobile device, like body cams, sport cameras, digital cameras, etc.
  • IoT client will stream video from cameras connected to on board computer or router in vehicle (For example, fire truck cameras or police car dash cams)
nsc3 data encryption

Data is encrypted and you have total control of data chain. 

  • AES256 - GCM
  • Chrome, Edge, Safari, Firefox
control access to data nsc3

Data is visible only to task participants, not to everybody in the organization. Easy-to-control access to data.

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