Panasonic Connect

Traditional video streaming does not work ideally in battlefield conditions. Transmission may break from time to time, and you never know how much the video might be delayed in changing network conditions. 


NSC3 integrated with Panasonic Toughbook enables customer an easy way to stream video in any networks, in
rural, urban or in battlefield conditions. NSC3 situational awareness platform provides real time video engine which guarantees visibility to the site. Combine videos from dashcams, drones, bodycams, mobile phones, and fixed cameras to get the full picture. Panasonic Toughbook product range provides rugged, field-capable computers to monitor videos on the field or to host NSC tactical servers.

Key features

  • Stream video in any network conditions
  • Observe video from multiple sources in the operations center or on the field
  • Connect USB or IP cameras to TOUGHBOOK to stream video from any vehicle
  • Locate video sources and points of interest in real time on the map
  • All material is saved and can be used for training or after-action review
  • Use push to talk for communication while taking a video of the situation

Joint Solution Value

NSION provides a situational awareness platform NSC3. It has been developed for mission-critical operations requiring true real-time video on the field. NSC3 adopts to changing networks and works reliably in all conditions. NSC Valor is an AI engine to detect events or objects from real-time video feeds. 

Panasonic Connect, the industry leader in rugged mobile technology offers a full line of rugged mobile computers. Our solutions enable the warfighter to create a portable command-and-control post on the battlefield to access real-time information. Purpose-built with the military user in mind, our TOUGHBOOK rugged computers, tablets, and handhelds undergo rigorous MIL-SPEC testing to make sure they can withstand rough handling, extreme weather, vibrations, sand, mud, and more in the field. 

NSC3 integrated with Panasonic Toughbook enables customers with an easy way to stream real-time video in field conditions. Toughbook with NSC IoT client is ideal to connect mil grade USB cameras and to share the video. The product range has the capacity to host NSC Tactical server, which enables common operational picture sharing in local networks. 

Example Use Cases

Live fire safety monitoring in main battle tanks and other armored vehicles.

Training new main battle tank operators in live ammo exercises require oversight from safety officers. It is a hard task to do, there is no room inside and monitoring crew performance is difficult. Real-time video from multiple angles in and outside of the tank provides an improved way for an officer to monitor the situation and to intervene if necessary. TOUGHBOOK computers fit ideally in rough and tight conditions inside armored vehicles and provide connectivity for cameras and communications. NSC3 gathers the video feeds, encrypts them, and broadcasts as much information as the network allows to give safety officers a real-time view of the situation. Use TOUGHBOOK computers with NSC3 to view videos from multiple vehicles at the same time or view videos locally in the armored vehicle.