The beginning of NSION Technologies lies at the end of the 1990's, when CEO Mattipekka Kronqvist was active in the former Yugoslavia in the UN - NATO troops and National Defense Forces. The obvious need there to solve the problem of communicating between other countries, different organizations, and operations led him to the idea of creating the product that solves the problem with a platform that enables visual communication and easy deployment between different organizations.

The pivoting point for NSION Technologies was in July 2018, when there was a Presidential summit between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, Finland. The national security providers approached us and asked for a solution with secured way of streaming video from drones, helicopters and vessels to their command centers and other locations. They wanted to find a way to securely see what is happening and to help the Presidents to move around Helsinki with the minimum impact to the citizens. After our success with the initial task, we got a new project and started to build a system for our national users.

At present NSION Technologies is an innovator in the mission critical related high security video and data management market. Our focus is in National and Homeland Security, law enforcement, firefighting, and other public safety and commercial users. Our technologies provide these users with situational awareness, a comprehensive understanding of efficient countermeasures, and assist in preventing hazardous situations, just to name a few. These efforts are critical in building urban resiliency as they keep both citizens and those in public services safe and secure.

NSION Technologies aims to be the global leader in high security technology. NSC3™ is a Realtime Resource Management for Intelligence Based Decision Making to Democratize your C2. Stream and store secured live video and data to other operators on field and to Control rooms.

We deliver this software management platform for national network operators and integrators, law enforcement, and first responders. Our Headquarters is in Finland and we have a Center of Excellence at Syracuse University in New York State.