NSION Technologies, Featured at UTAC 2021

Unmanned Tactical Application Conference


PERRY, GA | OCTOBER 4 – 8, 2021

The Unmanned Tactical Application Conference (UTAC) is the most realistic technology and training conference in the world allowing FLYMOTION to forward the integration of unmanned technology into defense and public safety operations.

UTAC is a week-long, fully immersive conference focused on real-time unmanned systems response in disaster or emergency operations. The conference serves as a hub of information and innovation—drawing on the professional experience of industry leaders, subject matter experts, and UAS program managers from around the world. Over 150 participants training in a realistic set of scenarios including:

The Active Shooter / Bus Hostage: scenario puts the attendees in the middle of a real-world operation where drones, first responders, and law enforcement/SWAT teams collaborate to mitigate a deadly threat. With real gun fire, explosions, and moulage role players, this scenario immerses the attendees into the chaos of an active shooter scene from the perspective of our first responders.

WANTED SUBJECT: Transitional periods from day to night operations create challenges for first responders. With thermal technology and powerful lighting systems on drones today, public safety agencies now have 24-hour operational capabilities. Attendees will discover the strategies in use today by field experts regarding active searches for criminals and/or wanted suspects.

MISSING PERSONS: With UAS’ sensors and cameras becoming more powerful and automated, Search and Rescue teams have been utilizing UAS more to assist with their response. With 800+ acres of wildland and urban landscapes, attendees will absorb the tactics developed by leading experts in UAS/SAR as they conduct real-time searches for lost persons.

VEHICLE TAKEDOWN: Utilizing drone technology for even mundane tasks such as routine traffic stops, law enforcement officers can identify subjects and threats from a safe distance. In this scenario, we teach officers how to properly detect those threats and mitigate risk using smaller drone platforms. We hope this use of drones will become standard protocol in public safety.

SUBWAY TERRORIST ATTACK: The chances of a terrorist incident occurring in America’s subways are far too real. UTAC attendees will train underground in an on-site 1,700-foot subway system, resembling the Washington D.C. Metro line. With smoke, darkness, screaming victims, and potential chemical/biological threats, attendees will observe how HazMat, CBRNe, and EOD teams use aerial and ground-based solutions to respond to underground terrorist events.

WATER RESCUE / FLOOD DISASTER: Since the devastating Hurricane Harvey floods, sUAS have assisted first responders as an aerial force multiplier for flood and swift water rescue. With real injured victims trapped on rooftops clinging to life, UTAC attendees will be immersed into a 550,000-gallon flood basin resembling the 9th ward of New Orleans during a hurricane and learn UAS/Water Rescue response from the experts.

TANKER FIRE / CRASH: In this scenario, police officers and fire rescue will work in tandem to show how drones can deescalate a common HazMat occurrence such as a fiery vehicle crash. In such an event, the risk of harm to innocent bystanders is high. Using new fire extinguishing technology, we will illustrate how drones can deliver said technology, while keeping HazMat technicians and first responders at a manageable distance, limiting situational risk involved.

DRONE DETECTION & MITIGATION: As drones become commonly used by pilots and hobbyists, we understand the importance of regulating airspace over critical infrastructure and temporary or permanent no-fly zones. Using industry-leading systems, we will showcase the importance and effectiveness of placing eyes in the sky. We will cover the steps following drones detected over controlled airspace and how to improve security and safety alike.

NSION Technologies Inc. will be providing our NSC3 Platform to all the listed scenarios.


NSION is an innovator in the situational awareness, secure media, and data management market.

NSION provides situational awareness and secure communications channels with live data transmission through encrypted management platforms while operators will be using their own COTS/GOTS equipment.

NSION is an innovator in the situational awareness, secure media, and data management market. Our technology NSC3™ System improves the efficiency of mission-critical operations by streaming and storing live video from drones, phones, cars and other sources to command-and-control room to mobile devices on the field. NSC3 technology supports any camera, any platform and is functional in any network. All of them improve radically the situational awareness needs by optimizing data security and speed in video data transfer. Even in complex, life-critical situations. NSC3™ enables intelligent data algorithms to search threats and abnormalities from video or data feeds.


FLYMOTION, a veteran-owned company, is an industry leader providing end-to-end technology solutions, system integration, world-class training and support. Our subject matter experts bring decades of military and public safety operational experience to professionals across Public Safety, Government, Defense, Security and Enterprise globally.

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