NSION aids wildfire detection and response

NSION together with several industry and university partners have started an R&D project on utilizing SAR radar on low orbit satellites and new small form factor multispectral cameras on drones along with the NSC3™ solution in emergency services. This brief case study is about the satellite enhanced NSC3™ solution for wildfire detection, assessment and control.

The project develops an integrated system of satellites and multicopters equipped with different types of sensors and actuators and deployable wireless sensor and actuator networks. The multicopter subsystem is capable of autonomous operations as a swarm and is capable of navigating without satellite positioning (GNSS free navigation), if needed. When the Satellite detects an abnormality, the data is automatically delivered to the nearest fire department for review. In case further investigation is needed, the NSC3 system gives the locations of available drone pilots in the area and the nearest pilot(s) may be sent to the spot. The drone gets target location directly from the NSC3™ -system – the pilot only sends the drone on its way. Drone’s video may be viewed live by the fire department and broadcasted to other associated authorities.

In addition to live video broadcasts, drones may be used as beacons to enhance networking on site