Real-time analytics

Versatile engine to run different AI analytics models for video streams in real-time.

nsc3 valor

NSC3 ValoR ™ enables automatic monitoring of the real-time video feeds. Analytics engine can monitor any number of video feeds simultaneously for a wide range of events you want to detect. You can detect certain shapes, for example, humans or guns. Also, movements can be detected, for example, in crowd control. Additionally, audio can be analyzed to detect threats or to transform speech to text, among other uses.

NSC3 ValoR ™ is based on machine learning. Its runtime environment can execute most existing and evolving models available - you can choose your model! In addition, it allows the use of multiple models at the same time. This increases system accuracy and enables the monitoring of widely different events simultaneously. You also build quality control into your system and increase redundancy.

Just about any kind of video source can be integrated for automatic monitoring and analysis.  NSC3 will convert all your sources to the correct format for analysis.  

ai analytics for video; ai alerts from video