The main goal of NSC3 VALOR  is to provide support for user decision making and actions. 

This is done by enabling creation of analytics services on NSC3 data sources and targets. These services can include running computer vision models or language processing on data from any NSC-Client. With NSC3 VALOR , users can define intelligent recipes to support operations, such as generating alerts and events from events at the field. 

The selection of analytics models depend largely on the use case.

NSC3 VALOR  supports wide selection of technologies in the field so that algorithms created by the user, a third party or an open source are supported. This provides  unique flexibility 

NSC3 VALO® will provide required services to integrate the models to real life scenarios. With NSC3 Platform™ and NSC3 VALOR users are able to run analytics on any connected device whether it's a phone, a IP-camera or an IOT-device.

NSC3 VALOprovides real-time insights from the field. Analytics can be run on any NSC3™ Task or specific groups for analytics can be created.

Data sources  can be changed dynamically when the situation requires and insights can also be queried from previously stored data when needed.