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Situational awareness in the control room and for operators using their mobile devices.

NSC webapp

NSC Webapp ™  is the control room user interface for the NSC3 Platform ™ which enables a comprehensive operational view. Observe activities on the field and communicate with field teams. The system provides simplified and easy COP (common operational picture) tools. View secured video and data from drones, body cams, dashboard cams, mobile phones, surveillance cameras etc. Select the most relevant data sources and always see real-time data.

NSC3 ™ multiplex Push-To-Talk and chat functionalities allow fast and efficient communication  between the control room and field teams. 

The Controller User can create and manage task teams to include  authorized users  from civilian  personnel to multiple agencies in a secure and fast way.  

Playback mission data for After-Action Review (AAR) and analysis, archive and distribute video, audio, and chat data. Manage device and flight logs (FAA and EASA requirements).      

System requirements: 

Browser Interface (Chrome, Firefox, MS Edge) 


NSC3 ™ is a subscription-based cloud or on-premises service. The monthly fee is based on the number of organizations and connected devices. Please contact NSION for on-premises-based installations.

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