nsc3 nsc platform Realtime Resource Management

NSC3 ™  is a Realtime Resource Management for Intelligence Based Decision Making to Democratize your C2. Stream and store secured live video and data to other operators in the field and to Control rooms. View video and data from drones, mobile phones, body cams, dashboard cams, surveillance cameras on your mobile phone in the field or on control room screens. Select the most relevant data source and always see the real-time data.

nsc platform nsc3 communicate and share data securely with own devices

NSC3 ™ is a software service with no need for expensive hardware or integration projects. The mission-based system enables authorized personnel in the field to communicate and share data in a secured environment. You can use your everyday (commercial and government-issued off-the-shelf) devices. NSC3 ™ combines  easy-to-use multiplex Push-to-Talk and chat functionalities to enable fast and efficient communication even at the edge of the network.

NSC3 ™ enables intelligent data algorithms to search for threats and abnormalities from video or data feeds.

NSC Drone ™ application enables safe and cost-effective use of commercial off-the-shelf drones for aerial video coverage.

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