Control room in your hand

Stream your video to the team members. Observe any video feed and communicate with push-to-talk and chat.

nsc mobile

NSC Mobile ™ client enables secured situational awareness on the field. Broadcast video or images to NSC3  and observe any video source streaming on your mobile device. Data is remains real-time even in poor or changing network conditions. See the location of other devices and COP (Common Operational Picture) data on the map.

Communicate with team members with multiplex Push-to-Talk and Chat functionalities. NSC Mobile ™ supports the use of commercial and government-issued off-the-shelf devices.

Tested and approved for Body Worn Cameras.

All transmitted data is encrypted end to end using AES 256 and TLS 1.3. NSC Mobile ™ enables video streaming from any source which is connected to phone/pad supporting RTMP(s) or RTSP(s) protocols

nsc mobile emergency use

System requirements: 

Android (version. 5.0+) phones and tablets, iOS (version 13.0+) Phones and tablets. 

Download your client from Apple App or Google Play Stores.  Crystal Sky and other non Google Play Store  -supported devices APK is available per request.