NSC device plugins

Use your own devices to stream to NSC3™ without any software integration projects.

Any device you can connect to your phone/tablet (through WIFI, USB, HDMI, or Analogue grabbers) and view on your screen can be streamed to NSION Core. And there is no need for a software integration project.

Any camera supporting RTMP(s) and/or RTSP(s) protocol.
System cameras, like Nikon or Canon cameras.

Body Worn Cameras.
Camera and/or microphone-equipped glasses.
HDMI video into USB grabber-connected devices.
Any device with HDMI output.

Analog SDI / RCA / BNC to USB grabber.
Any device with analog video or composite video output.
USB devices connected to android devices:
Thermal camera.
A single-lens reflex camera (SLR).
Sports cameras.
Bluetooth headsets.
USB headsets.

USB and peripheral devices connected to iOS devices.

Third Party Applications 

All applications supporting RTMPS protocol, for example, Screenshare broadcasting applications.