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Traditional video streaming does not work ideally in mobile environments, the transmission may break from time to time, and you never know how much the video might be delayed in changing network conditions. 

Joint Solution Summary

NSC3 integrated with Mobile Pro Systems products enables customers an easy way to stream video from anywhere. MPS solutions, with real-time video transmission engine is a complete package. NSC3 situational awareness platform provides real-time video engine which guarantees visibility to the site. View data from any number of video sources in NSC3 platform. Combine videos from dashcams, drones, bodycams, surveillance, and mobile phone cameras to get the full picture. NSC encrypts the video feed to secure your data. 

Key features

  • Report progress of work with video
  • Document quality of work in every phase
  • Document failure situations for maintenance
  • Use push to talk for communication while taking a video of the situation
  • Instruct workers and suppliers with visual content and locate a site on the map
  • All instructions can be used for training material
  • View perimeter cameras in the same view
  • Perform live and save recorded inspection video of facilities and assets

Joint Solution Value

NSION provides situational awareness platform NSC3. It has been developed for
mission crirical operations requiring true real-time video on the field. The system can
adapt to changing networks and work reliably in all conditions.

Mobile Pro has professionally engineered purpose-built systems that include the
basics and can be modified with the required technologies specific to the
mission from cameras, compute, network, audio and various sensors and access
control systems.

NSC3 integrated with Mobile Pro Systems solutions enables customers to deploy
technology in the field to support real-time video from the IP Cameras and other
video sources using the NSION IoT client software that can be integrated into the
onboard compute/routers and take advantage of the network may be available or
provided by Mobile Pro with their networking solutions such as Satellite, Private Cell
and other technologies that can be implemented.

NSC3 situational awareness
Command Control Center Monitoring

Example Use Cases

Monitor store security video footage use-case

Crowd Control, Events, State Fairs, Accident Scenes and Fire and Natural Disaster Emergency situations where video sources can be pushed out to the responders enroute, at the scene and command control.