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NSC3™ is a video and data management system, capable of streaming and storing live video footage from drones, smartphones, dash cams, body cameras, and Handsfree R5 fixed vehicle device. NSC3™ can be applied to multiple fields; particularly public safety, where situation awareness is key to quickly evaluating and responding appropriately to a public safety crisis. Suitable fields include: Mission Critical Services, First Responders, Emergency Services, School Safety, Homeland Security, Military, and more.

NSC3™ has an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. It is a hardware-agnostic system, capable of being integrated with an organizations existing devices and platforms; mitigating the need to replace current technology investments. Importantly, the video streams captured and stored are accompanied by time stamps and a digital watermark. Watermarking digital assets is key in protecting the legal use of the video and audio. Video and data can be stored solely in the cloud, or in a hybrid cloud solution (consisting of a combination of on-premises video storage and public cloud services). Video retention times are pre-set by the user, allowing the NSC3™ to be customized to the needs of the client.

An easy-to-use GIS based video-service to assist you in an efficient workflow and communication.

Key features

  • Report progress of work with video
  • Document quality of work in every phase
  • Document failure situations for maintenance
  • Use push to talk for communication while taking video of situation
  • Instruct workers and suppliers with visual content and locate site on map
  • All instructions can be used for training material
  • View perimeter cameras in same view
  • Perform live and save recorded inspection video of facilities and assets.

NSC3™ Joint Operations

Do you have several organizations and departments working together to solve a large accident, a forest fire, or a riot? Want to share live video feed from any bodycam, dashcam, or drone to all participants? NSC3 Joint operations enable an organisation to share any live video feed they have securely with other organisations. Ideal for use with mission critical communication devices like Handsfree R5 LTE Fixed Vehicle Device. For example, a drone operated by police can be shared with fire departments or border force. Create a joint operations task in NSC3 and assign units and videos from any participating organisation. All assigned material is in common use during the mission, including map-based view and audio channel. Every organisation keeps ownership of its own video material.

Applying NSC3™ to accident response

In a multiple-car accident, the responding ambulances and police can provide live data to hospitals and other participating units. Data can be video, audio, and text information, including location. The number of patients, their vital signs, and the severity of their injuries can be assessed in the hospital prior to the arrival of the patients. NSC3 gives the hospital staff valuable minutes to be ready ahead of time and save lives. Responders can also deploy a drone with a high-definition camera system that can stream live videos of the scene to your team. There is no need for additional hardware to make this possible with the NSC Platform. The NSC command centre view provides a map with the location of all team members.

NSC3™ Provides a secure way for mission critical users to share live video, audio, text, and location tracking information in a scalable and user-friendly platform.

NSC3™ Key Benefits

  • Full end to end control, not only the first or the last mile.
  • Network agnostic, system adjusts automatically to bandwidth changes.
  • Ultra-fast, application and browser based UX.
  • Super scalable, from small teams to large organizations.
  • Ultra-secured Data, AES256 GCM Ciphering with TLS1.3 channel.
  • Sub-150-millisecond delivery and return in 4G and faster networks.
  • Sub-500-millisecond delivery and return in 3G networks.
  • Sub-2000-millisecond delivery and return in 2G networks.