Getting the most of your DJI drone

According to the study Chinese sUAS Technology in the U.S. Public Safety Sector by Christopher Todd of Droneresponders, there has been concerns regarding alleged security vulnerabilities surrounding Chinese drone technology. Could your organization have more confidence by using a third party application that would also bring in additional emergency service -tailored functionality?

NSC Drone™ packs the needed features for emergency services

NSC Drone™ is a NSION Ltd developed DJI compliant UAV application client for airborne operations and flight control. It is designed to provide the pilot with all the necessary information for operational and situational awareness and to allow Android smartphones or tablets to be used as the controller.

The NSC Drone™ application connects seamlessly to the NSC3 Platform™, enabling live video broadcasting from the air to the command center and/or other connected devices.

All NSC3™ transmitted data is encrypted end-to-end using AES 256 and TLS 1.2.

DJI drones offer undoubtedly great performance and versatility for the investment and our mission is to make the integrity meet the requirements of emergency services.

Secured media broadcasting and management platform for organisations

NSC3™ is a NSION Ltd developed scalable PaaS solution, tailored for organisations, fully abiding the security and performance requirements of national emergency services. For operators NSC3™ is a solid, distribute-ready service on one-day deployment. For end-user it is the utility, when less than a second is a lifetime.

NSC Drone™

  • Mission control for remote unit operations
  • Patrol Car/unit video, audio and location
  • Flight radar enables drone activity and flight plans
  • Users, groups and drone view management