In today’s ever-changing and dynamic world, real-time video is a critical asset to gaining situation awareness during an unfolding event. As the video streams are captured it is equally critical the video data be secured and controlled to ensure the integrity of that original video data before the storage, transmission, analysis, and access by authorized users. Failing to secure and control your video data opens the opportunity for someone to share the data with unauthorized individuals and potentially alter the data bringing into question how the recorded events really unfolded. NSION has partnered with Everything Blockchain (EBI) to meet this challenge with an integrated solution that provides total control over your captured video data.

Joint Solution Value

NSION provides NSC3, a situational awareness platform. It has been developed for
mission-critical operations requiring true real-time video on the field. The system
has to adapt to changing networks and work reliably in all conditions. The first
customers were fire departments, police forces, and other authorities.

EBI’s EB Control solution provide organizations with total control over their
rendered video data inside and outside of their network – from source to
endpoint. The control extends to who, when, where and for how long the video
data can be accessed with the ability to revoke access at any time. EB Control is a
“zero-knowledge” platform meaning no customer data ever travels through or
resides on its EB Control’s servers.

EB Control provides perpetual data control. That means you control your data EVERYWHERE: On your device – when it’s in transit – even when it’s on someone else’s device.

  • You CONTROL who can access your data, when, and where
  • You CONTROL what they can do with it:View only? Forward?  
  • You can REVOKE access at any time

Key features

  • Fully encrypt rendered video files
  • Control how long one can view data – time fencing.
  • Restrict forward, copy, print, or save functions.
  • Control where one can access the data (geo-fencing)
  • Revoke access anytime, anywhere
  • No key management
  • Easy to use
  • End to End File Control

NSC3 integrated with EB Control provides the customer the capability to preserve
the integrity of rendered video files for storage and transmission to only authorized
users thereby maintaining control and chain of custody on their video data.

Use cases

Police, Fire , Emergency Medical
State and Local Government
Industrial & Commercial Applications