Easy introduction of AI to operations

User challenge:

  • There are AI solutions but taking them into use is arduous
  • Typically they are point-to-point solutions (one camera to one computer) and new data sets or algorithms are not so easy to introduce 

NSION solution:

  • NSC3 ValoR platform enables AI-based analysis for real time video feeds. Its runtime environment can execute most existing and evolving models. 
  • Multiple models can be used at the same time. This increases system accuracy and enables monitoring of widely different events simultaneously. You can build quality control into your system and increase redundancy. 
  • Just about any kind of video source can be integrated for automatic monitoring and analysis. 
  • A recipe defines which events are reported to user. Most models return a lot of information and most of it is irrelevant. In a recipe, you define what is relevant to you and how you want to be notified of detections. Select which recipes to use at any given time.



about people without PPE
(personal protective equipment)

about people without PPE
(personal protective equipment)


people moving in the area at
night and alert security

Video from all common cameras can be analysed.

No hardware requirements, available as a service.

Easy way to add things to be monitored into your project, no irrelevant alerts.