Traditional video streaming does not always work optimally, especially in mobile environments such as moving vehicles. There can be lapses in video transmission or delays due to changing network conditions. For use cases such as public safety, where always-on video footage is needed to coordinate response activities between first responders, command staff, medical professionals, and field operations personnel, any loss of video is unacceptable. Cradlepoint and NSION provide a robust and field-tested solution that ensures reliable, always-on video footage for fixed and mobile environments. A Cradlepoint wireless, cellular-enabled router with the NSION NSC IoT client enables video to be streamed from, for example, your dash cam or other vehicle camera feeds over LTE or 5G networks. NSC monitors the network and adjusts the broadcasted data dynamically to the available bandwidth, which guarantees that you always get real-time footage.


Cradlepoint is a global leader in cloud-delivered 4G and 5G wireless network edge solutions. Cradlepoint’s NetCloud™ platform and cellular routers deliver a pervasive, secure, and software-defined Wireless WAN edge to connect people, places, and things — anywhere. More than 25,000 businesses and government agencies around the world, including many Global 2000 organizations and top public sector agencies, rely on Cradlepoint to keep mission-critical sites, points of commerce, field forces, vehicles, and IoT devices always connected.


NSION provides situational awareness and secure communications channels with live data transmission through encrypted management platforms. NSION NSC3™ System improves the efficiency of mission-critical operations by streaming and storing live video from drones, phones, cars, and other sources to command-andcontrol rooms to mobile devices in the field. It has been developed for mission-critical operations requiring true real-time video in the field. Customers include fire departments, police forces, and other authorities. Bodycam, dashcam, drone, mobile phone, and surveillance camera feeds are integrated into one map-based view of the situation. Mission-based teams can easily and safely share their visual view of the action.

Cradlepoint and NSC3 solution architecture

Joint Solution Value

NSION NSC3 integrated in Cradlepoint routers enables real-time video steaming from your office or moving vehicle. It provides a complete solution — a robust router with a real-time video transmission engine — that eliminates the need to install additional equipment to handle the data transmission. The in-vehicle use case comprises a Cradlepoint R1900 Series 5G Ruggedized Router and the NSION NSC IoT client, that can be quickly and easily installed via NetCloud Manager. The NSC IoT client has a simple UI that allows you to map the cameras connected to the Cradlepoint router to start streaming to the NSC3 situational awareness platform. The NSC3 situational awareness platform integrates dashcam, bodycam, drone, mobile phone, and surveillance camera feeds into one map-based view of the situation.

Example Use Cases

Fire departments

Install cameras to all four sides of a fire truck and stream video from all or selected cameras to the operations room. Fire chiefs can assess the situation on the field in real-time in the control room or in the car while on the way to the site.

Store security

Broadcast security camera footage over a mobile network. It’s an easy to set up, reliable way to monitor security camera footage anywhere. Managers or security personnel can assess situations on site in real time wherever they are.

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